5 Tips for Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day can be an expensive affair, but it doesn’t have to be. You can have a wonderful evening or day with your loved one, without spending a fortune. We’ve compiled a list of sure fire ways you can have a fabulous Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

DIY Gifts:

Instead of going out and buying expensive gifts for your significant other, why not try your hand at making something meaningful? Why not make your own coupons that you’re significant other can redeem afterwards. Write things like: “1 hour massage” or “I’ll make dinner tonight”, etc.

Choose simple gifts:

Forget about grand gestures that cost a lot of money, at the end of the day remember it’s thought that counts. Instead of spending a small fortune on a bouquet of roses, rather go a single rose or their favourite chocolate.

Hand written Valentine’s Day Cards:

Instead of spending R100 on a generic Valentine’s Day card, why don’t you write and decorate your own card? Save money and say something straight from the heart. It doesn’t even take any skill, as long as it is made with love, your partner will get the message and feel the love. Some people put a lot of pressure on themselves and others as Valentine’s Day approaches, but just doing something small will show someone that you care.

Look out for Specials

On days like these, there are always great specials going on. Be sure to keep your eyes open for deals on movie tickets and snacks, or dinner specials. There are a lot of ways you can have a great time, without spending too much money.


Coupons are another great way for you to save money – for premium services at a portion of the price, giving you the opportunity to do things that might normally be too expensive, allowing you to treat your partner to an unforgettable evening.

Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate love, not damage your future finances. Spend your money wisely, avoid the urge to splurge and rather focus on your loved ones, not the things.

However if you think you may have spent too much, contact Debt Sense Group today for more information on debt counseling.

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